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There are many reasons why there is such strong interest in fixer-upper properties, but the biggest reason has got to be the high cost of quality homes in good repair. Many buyers rightly feel that they may be able to buy a fixer-upper property, add some capital and sweat equity, and come re-sell the property in a few months or years for a significant profit.

Does this sound like you? If you are interested in finding a Fixer-Upper property in Santa Cruz County, please sign up for my weekly Fixer-Upper Mailing List. Recipients of this list will receive listings which we feel have excellent upside potential.

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I want an affordable property I can fix up over time
I want to buy one, fix it up, and sell it quickly
Just curious to see what's out there

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Single-Family Residences
Multi-Residential Properties (duplexes, etc.)
Commercial Real Estate

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