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Just getting your feet wet in the wild world of Real Estate? A great way to get started is with this primer, "How to Buy Real Estate in Santa Cruz." It is divided into the following sections:

EXCLUSIVE: Buyer's REWARD PROGRAM: Keep your money in your pocket! Receive AN AMOUNT up to 20% of the Buyer's Agent's Commission at close-of-escrow!

First Time Buyers in Santa Cruz : Information for First Time Home Buyers in Santa Cruz - including First Time Buyer Programs from the Federal, Estate, County, and city governments.

Looking for Information on Santa Cruz Foreclosures and other Distressed Properties?

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Other Articles

Guide to the California Residential Purchase Agreement: this is a PDF document put out by the California Association of Realtors which explains in detail the various and sundry clauses of the most commonly used contract for the purchase of Residential Real Estate.

Contingency Period : The Buyer's Ultimate Safeguard!

Searching for Santa Cruz Real Estate On-Line: An examination of other web sites on the internet for Real Estate information

Property Types: A discussion of various types of property commonly found in Santa Cruz

Why use a Realtor?: Why you should use a Realtor

Why Santa Cruz Real Estate Costs So Much: Why Santa Cruz Real Estate is so expensive

Market Statistics: Market Satistics for Santa Cruz Houses and Condominiums, from Year 2000 onward

Closing Checklist: Make sure you've got all of these done before Escrow closes.

Realtor Tips for Buyers

Five Common Homebuyer Mistakes

Tips for Buying in a Tight Market

Common Buyer Closing Costs

Getting Your Finances in Order

What Documents to Keep from the Closing

Ten Questions for your Condo Board

Pros and Cons of Condominiums

Six Creative Ways to Afford a Home

Getting Your Finances in Order

What Not to Overlook on a Final Walkthrough

Tips for Finding the Perfect Neighborhood

Five Common Homebuyer MistakesHidden Home Defects

How High Tech is Your New Home?

Home Inspection Areas

Home Inspector Questions

Five Things to Understand about Home Insurance

Home Warranty Coverage

Calculating Mortgage Affordability

Getting Your Finances in Order

Ten Questions for your Lender

Ten Things your Lender will Need

Choices that Affect your Loan

Ten Ways to Lower Homeowner's Insurance Costs

Questions to Ask your RealtorĀ®

Seven Reasons to Own a Home

Five Common Homebuyer Mistakes

Ten Steps to Prepare for Home Ownership

Five Things to Understand about Title Insurance

Pros and Cons of Condominiums