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Mobile Homes?

Mobile homes are an option to consider. However, mobile home loans may require a down payment as high as 30%! If the mobile home costs $200,000 - you may need as much as $60,000 down. There are mobile home loans that don't require so much down - but they will be for mobile homes manufactured after 1977 (or newer, depending on the loan program), will require that the home be a double-wide (as opposed to a single wide), etc. Also, you don't usually own the land under the mobile home - if you do, it will cost easily more than $200,000. And even if you do own the land, there will still be a monthly park fee. If you don't own the land under the mobile home, it isn't considered to be "real" property - it's personal property, and is more difficult to get a loan against it compared to a home. And of course, in this situation, you will have a monthly park space fee.

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