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santa cruz real estate rss feed is the most full-featured web sites on the Internet for Santa Cruz Real Estate. We offer the only RSS Feed in the county of our Featured Listings. To take advantage of an RSS Feed, you will need an News Reader program for your computer, or you can simply use Google Reader.

An RSS Feed is a very convenient way to keep tracking of web sites and web pages where the content updates frequently. We are constantly adding new listings to our Sant Cruz Real Estate RSS Feed and removing them as listings sell. Using our RSS Feed, you won't have to keep coming back to our Featured Santa Cruz Real Estate Listings page - your RSS News Reader will simply alert you, at a glance, that new listings are available.

We also offer gateways to the entire MLS, if you're looking for more than just our own Featured Listings. We offer a listings-by-email Service called the Santa Cruz Property Finder. Additionally, we have a set of Santa Cruz Community pages, each with a map showing where the active listings are located. You can set search criteria for the map, and the map will refresh to show just the listings in the area you are looking for.

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